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Opportunities for Students:

  • Ever wanted to do something you are really passionate about?
  • Do you have an active facebook/twitter/youtube/flickr account?
  • Do you love interacting with people, organizing stuff & taking initiatives?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, we would love to have you on offers round the year internships to students/youth passionate about design, animation, video production, music, writing, photography, advertising, marketing, journalism, anchoring, event management & social activism.
What We Offer:

  • Complete freedom to choose your own domain, playground, no. of hours
  • Great opportunity to enhance your profile and skills, working on live WebPlatform
  • A chance to meet the celebs, some awesomely talented people
  • A cool Tshirt/goodies
  • Free passes to DQ organized & sponsored events and BackStage entry 🙂
  • Opportunity for revenue sharing with DesiQube!!

Excited !! Get in touch with us using the form below or mail us at desiqube[at]gmail[dot]com

Get Featured on DesiQube
At we create innovative strategies to harness, showcase and promote your passion. Be a part of the DESIQUBE by submitting articles, inspirational cool stuff, latest trends from music, arts, design, photography, startup world & non profit. DQ provides a platform to reach to youth around the world. To know more about what we do [click here]

If you are a designer, entrepreneur, artist, musician, singer, writer, painter or someone with a passionate heart – we have space for you. Fill out the form below to Get Featured or Promote your work on