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Green is the colour of proximity and expanse, Blue is the colour of peace and depth, White is the colour of possibilities. We can go on and on with epiphanies colours evoke in us.
Punjab, the land of five rivers, now reduced to the land of 3 rivers. Its landscape, rivers, people. What is their colour? What those colours evoke in us?
Harp Farmer has tried to capture ‘Colours of Punjab’ with the camera lens.

colors of panjaab ...village
The river Satluj demarcates Punjab between Malwa, Doaba and Majha; Gujjar Shepperds, the nomadic tribe of northern Punjab. Old men, women rural Sikh environment; Gurdwara; Wheat crop; Nihangs.



The series of photographs of two parrots, nicely captured in their different moods; Bullocks; Kid in his traditional attire; Common plants, birds, insects and Musical instruments like ‘toombi’ with their distinct Punjabiness.
These photographs takes a Punjabi person to a trip, down memory lane of their lived experience, they might have left behind. For a non Punjabi they open a new window to a world beyond fixed visual depiction of Punjab.

Harpreet Singh Known As Harp Farmer . from Village Nadalon in distt Hoshoiarpur. software engineer. have done exhibition of panjaab colors PAU ludhiana and Amritsar
about colors of panjaab to show the beauty of panjaab to the world of my mather land.





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