Photographer of the Week: Kalpana Chatterjee

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Published on September 08, 2011 with 3 Comments

Kalpana Chatterjee |

Kalpana Chatterjee |

Kalpana Chatterjee: someone for whom Photography is an essence of life, a journey towards inner peace and a hardcore passion. This week on, we bring you the amazing photo showcase of Kalpana Chatterjee as she speaks about her journey and work.

Tell us something about yourself?
After experimenting with numerous interests , I have stuck on to photography for a couple of years now. Needless to say, my persistence with the art of taking pictures is a fallout of my ardent endeavor to showcase what i see through my viewfinder. I began this journey with a simple point and shoot camera as my
companion. As I tread on this path, every leaf , flower or insect would be framed. The monotony of the subjects I captured did not deplete my enthusiasm. Consequently, I came across some extremely competent photographers, who groomed me into a more mature artist. As a logical outcome , my gear underwent an upgrade and gradually I unearthed the finer aspects of the art. My frames had grown beyond my garden and I had taken a keen interest in the field of people photography.

As a lady I did come across varied obstacles ranging from the queer eye of the stranger to his abuses but every hurdle was a step towards my aim of capturing moments which arouse and intrigue and are excerpts of life in itself. Some bruises were healed by occasional awards and constant appreciation from fellow photographers.
I have cherished every moment of this journey and in future it is my ardent wish to freeze people in their varied emotions and events depicting the cultural heritage of our country. This constant companion of mine, my camera, unleashes the wanderer in me and I feel free.

When did you venture into this creative field and what made you make a career in photography?
A year and a half back …simply got addicted!! :)

Where do you take inspiration from? Some photographers who inspire you?
I connected with people on facebook, flickr, megashots and met stalwarts there. Some of them are inspirations like Anoop Negi, Cyrus Khamak, Doug Fish, Hari Menon, Subir Basak, Anirban Chatterjee.

Your advice to all those who want to be in this profession & everyone who re passionate about photography?
Perseverance and hardwork are the key.

Your message/wishes for our website

A great initiative for promoting artists. Wish DesiQube great success.
Thanks for honoring me here.


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  1. Wonderful photographs which reveal the extent of love & maturity for the art by the photographer (Kalpana Chatterjee). Wish the interview would be a bit lengthier…

  2. thank you!

  3. great work Kalpana Di …all the best

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