[SpotLight] Graphics & Designs by Harninder Singh ‘Raja’ Thind

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[SpotLight] Graphics & Designs by Harninder Singh ‘Raja’ Thind

Graphics Designer Harninder Singh on DesiQube

Graphics Designer Harninder Singh on DesiQube

Graphics Designer Harninder Singh on DesiQube

Graphics Designer Harninder Singh on DesiQube

He swears by ‘Aloo wale Parothe’, hates when people ignore him, takes inspiration from street side sign boards and is passionate about something that can make him sit all day long. Like any other Desi, he is ambitious and took the creative route to reach his goals.

Meet Harninder ‘Raja’ Thind, a US based graphics designer and photo artist of Modcut Media Group. DQ brings you some candid thoughts Raja shared with us about his creative journey.

About Raja Thind:
I am a pure desi, born in village Kasupur in Jalandhar. After finishing my High school from Jalandhar I finished a Degree in Computer Applications. For the past year I have been settled in US.
I am a Freelancer Graphic Designer & have done many commercial projects so far. My family wanted me to do something different with my life. But I could never completely get over my artistic side. Art is something that run in my veins alongside my blood. My art is my passion, my first love, my everything. This is what makes me happy, it makes me feel alive when I am working on something that gives me excitement and that’s what brings out the best in me.
Through most of my work you will see the deep, intense emotions of human nature. One thing that I always try to do is to portray my culture through my work in some way or the other and follow my heart.

How & When did your love for designing start?
It was definitely a fun start. My earlier interest was actually into photography. I used to click pictures for my cousin and an amazing model Vikki Chandi. After the shots were taken, I used to sit and work on making them better in every way possible. Trying to make it better little by little I actually ended up making an amazing piece of art. That’s when my interest shifted to graphics. Then for about 3 years I was trying to learn about graphic designing in bits and pieces from different websites and online tutorials. And finally I am proud to say that it has been an amazing 6 years now since i have been into graphics and each day I learn something new, make something better and try to improve my work as much as I can!

Any formal training in Design?
I started searching up stuff online trying new things, more tutorials, live videos and started learning more techniques and tricks.
My biggest inspiration is life, nature and every element of nature. You learn so much from life each and everyday. For example, whenever I used to walk down the road and find these posters on the side walls i used to study them deeply and find a way to use them in my art in some way or the other.

Tell us something about your work, your current projects?
I started on a very small level with Conceptual Art, made a lot of Dark Art, Surreal Art. Then slowly I moved to Commercial Art. My first ever commercial work was for BOHEMIA-the Punjabi Rapper. I have also worked with Kamal Heer and a lot of other artists. In the USA I have worked with Poker Entertainers and a few singers from US as well.

Tell us about your future plans, future projects?
We don’t plan our future, its God who has already done that for us. We can think positively and try to make it better. So I only concentrate in improving my work as much as I can. So i am Doing that. No Big plans expect for SUCCESS in mind!!!!

There are many freelance designers who want to be professionals in this field. What should be their approach
Remember, that as long as you are focused on what you want in life or out of your life, it is easy to achieve anything.
Don’t ever think that there is anything that you cannot do, trust yourself and your work, only then you make others believe in your work.
Always work with the 3D RULE in mind. To become successful work with the 3Ds which is DEDICATION, DETERMINATION AND DEVOTION. Never give up on yourself and your dream but at the same time never think that you are perfect, because in this profession you can never be perfect, you got to keep learning everyday

Some words for DesiQube and its readers.
DESIQUBE is a website which is trying to keep us connected with our roots and I am definitely very impressed with them. It is am amazing way to put light on those people who have the Art in them but have still not got a chance to bring it out to the world.
I want to Thank DesiQube from the bottom of my heart who considered me good enough to be featured on this website. Once again Thank You to the whole team and all my best wishes for the success of this journal!

Gurwinder S Jathoul is the Founder of DesiQube Media [www.DesiQube.com] A design & new media enthusiast, he provides process improvement and creative solutions to businesses. He loves to think, being close to nature, writing & Bhangra. Follow him on twitter @ gjathoul


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