The Art of ‘Re-Touching’ : Interview with Manpreet Ahuja

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Manpreet Ahuja (Masters X-Press) Interview |

Manpreet Ahuja (Masters X-Press) Interview |

Manpreet Ahuja is the founder of Manpreet Ahuja Visual Solutions.
He is a professional photo retoucher, helping many creative, photo agencies, media labs and photographers by adding the X factor in the images. He has worked with major brands all across the globe and is a source of inspiration for all those who are passionate about photo re-touching/editing.
Having worked with agencies and clients like Airtel, Audi, Lenovo, Royal Challenger & numerous other media agencies around the globe, here is what Manpreet shared with DQ..

About Manpreet Ahuja:
I live in New Delhi, India with my beautiful wife and 3 yr old son. I am a Pro Photo Retoucher and own a small but Talent-rich studio with the name of Manpreet Ahuja Visual Solutions. I am a BFA and a Trained Photo Retoucher

Photo Retouching is not my Profession it is my Passion.

How did you venture into this creative field? What/who inspired you?
Well Inspiration was MTV.
Since a child, like any other young lad, i wanted to become a Doctor. On some occasion, my school teacher noticed that my homework notebooks were decorated with beautiful Geography maps, intersting Caligraphy while writing answers and even I used different colors for different questions. He inspired me to pursue in fine arts rather Science. While working in Manhattan, New York as Photo Retoucher for Victoria’s Secret , I always had a vision to promote the Photo Retouching in INDIA and this vision made me to venture into this wide field.

How much do you think ones passion contribute to be in this field compared to all the knowledge and training?
Well passion is required at every point of life ir-respective weather one is in job or is an entrepreneur. There is a very thin line between both the aspects and to be successful in any of the domain one has to be passionate, as I believe ” if you think you can, you will. Just be passionate about what you think.”
Knowledge and training are the most important aspect in the field of retouching. Every image we work on has a different challenge and the retoucher must have the passion to sit and work on the details of the images so that it stands out as well as its justified totally with the requirement.
I just want to add that with passion, patience is very much required in retouching Industry.

Being the founder of Manpreet Ahuja Visual Solutions, a creative business, what is the general thought process from concept to finish during the project?
Time frame is a very important aspect in our work. Advertising industry works on time frame which is also the judging element for quality. The process we follow is the:
• Time frame ( Most Important )
• Assignment of Job to the retoucher as per the need of the project ( every retoucher has a strength in his domain . Projects need to be assigned by matching the strength of retoucher and need of project. This will justify the work done on the image)
• Constant Check on Quality of the work
• Coordination is the key driver in the completion of our project and in our success. Proper coordination with the in house team so that they can conceive what the client wants from an image.

What services does your business provide?
Beauty Retouching , Photo Restoration, Advertising Compositions and Digital artworks

Your Advice to all those passionate about retouching & design:
My advice to all the new comers is
• Be passionate and have patience
• Innovation and having a eye for detailing – its required in every vocational field.
• Creative Industry has a wide range of services that it offers. One has to pin point his domain and grasp all the knowledge and take proper training
•Retouching is a skill more than a profession and everyone has different perspective to see it. One has to understand all the technicalities and love this art.

Some words for and its readers.
Its a great Initiative and it can be a great platform for learning for the upcoming talent.

You guys are doing great.. Keep it up..!!

Find more about retouching as a profession and Manpreet Ahuja Visual Solutions on the website Manpreet Ahuja and MAVS Facebook page

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  2. Awesome Interview really inspiring.. and again awesome work sir Ji.. :) & love this tag line : Photo Retouching is not my Profession it is my Passion. 😀 Congrats..

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