[SpotLight] The Singh That ‘Shoots’: Harnav Bir Singh Photography

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May 20, 2011
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[SpotLight] The Singh That ‘Shoots’: Harnav Bir Singh Photography

Fine art photography by Harnav Bir Singh |www.Desiqube.com

Fine art photography by Harnav Bir Singh |www.Desiqube.com

Fine art photography by Harnav Bir Singh |www.Desiqube.com

Fine art photography by Harnav Bir Singh |www.Desiqube.com

Born in Punjab, Harnav Bir Singh is an upcoming photographer and in the short period has impressed one and all with his creativity. His work has found place in India’s top modelling agency that works for clients like Lays, L O’Real etc..
Harnav is a student of GNDEC, Ludhiana(Punjab) and is ambitious of working in Hollywood besides completing his bachelors ;).
Catch the glimpses of this creative, witty Singh…!!!

Tell us something about yourself?
Waheguru Jee ka Khalsa,Waheguru Jee kee Fateh!
First of all big thanks to team DesiQube for the interview. I was born Doaba region of Punjab and I am a student of B.Tech (Production) at GNDEC, Ludhiana. My Dad is an Engineer (super-senior from my college too!) and mum a homemaker (Love ‘em!). I got ‘Best student of the Decade award’ in high school for being an all-rounder. I love music, Gatka and I write some poetry too.

You are pursuing your engineering degree these days, how and when did your love for photography start?
I fell in love with photo art at the age of 15. But I always wanted to be a graphics designer but discovered my true passion when I went for a holiday to southern part of India. I ‘graduated’ to a DSLR camera working on nature photography and later started doing portraits of my friends. Soon my interest shifted to fine art portraits and then fashion and lifestyle.
The Engineering degree. I never wanted to do it. I didn’t even appear for all exams for first two years. When I was in second year of my college I made a deal with my parents according to which they would buy me a DSLR camera & I shall complete my engineering degree.
So as the Desi saying goes..”Putt kPutt ho jande aa…Maape kMaape ni hunnde” (Kids may turn into bad kids but parents will always be parents). They bought me the camera but I am still left with those 10 courses of those first two years :). But my parents are now really proud of what I have achieved as an artist, socially, professionally and financially in a small span of time.

Did you undertake any formal training for this career? Where do you take your inspiration from?
I am absolutely God taught. No formal training. I consider internationally renowned photographer Prof. Kanwaljit Singh as my mentor.
I follow my imagination and urge to give it a material form as my inspiration. Of course many photoartists across the globe like Prof. Kanwaljit Singh, Bogna, Zhang Jingana, Justin Grant, Jatin Kampani, Harvarinder Singh, Simran Kaur (KaurFlicks) and Raja Thind to name few.
Also,My heartfelt gratitude goes to my elder sister Gursimran Kaur, Param Bakhshish Singh and brother Vikki who pushed me at times…when I had given up photography owing to some problems.

Tell us something about your work? What kind of photography you do and what are your
future plans?

Basically, I do creative-storytelling portraiture which commercially finds application in fashion Industry, lifestyle and high-end weddings. Landmarks in my career have been my works with Jazzy B , Gippy Grewal and Bohemia on their latest projects. My fashion work has found a place in India’s top modelling agency which features top models from brands like Lay’s, L ‘OReal, et al.
Future plans include getting in touch with non-commercial fine arts work. Working in Hollywood someday is my dream!!

What are some of your most memorable moments while shooting?
Most memorable was my assignment with Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal. I was sleepless for two nights, had a car accident on the way and I had very high fever that day with nothing to eat and worked for 12 hours that day. God and My friends saved that day. I can never forget how my friends were there by my side.

There are many who want to be professionals in this field someday. What would be your advice to them?
Imagination and spontaneity is the key. Clicking the shutter is just 10% of the work.
Expensive camera and lenses just give you good image quality not good ‘content’. Never rely on ‘formula’ that you might discover while shoots as they kill creativity. Keep learning. Stay original. Happy clicking!

Some words for DesiQube and its readers.
Big thanks to DesiQube for bringing me closer to people. Heartiest and best wishes for all the future projects!
To all the readers…Thanks for showing all the Love and Support.

Keep rocking! Stay Desi!

And lets pledge…
“ Apna Des, Apni Boli te Apna Pehrawa…
…Punneya de chann vaangu Ammbraa’n te Chamkavaa’n..
main jitthe vi apprrhaa’n, main jehre mulak v jaavaa’n!”

To know more about Harnav & his work visit www.harnavbirsingh.com and the facebook page HBSPhotography

Gurwinder S Jathoul is the Founder of DesiQube Media [www.DesiQube.com] A design & new media enthusiast, he provides process improvement and creative solutions to businesses. He loves to think, being close to nature, writing & Bhangra. Follow him on twitter @ gjathoul


  1. Harnav Bir Singh , is a real Talent from Punjab who has worldwide fans of his art.
    in one word ” MULTIDIMENSIONAL ” I wish him very best of luck for his all future endeavors .

  2. sha gya veere………………………………. attttt aaaaaaa ………….

    dgree aala part te read krke njaara bajjh janda…. goori scchai aa 😛

  3. Jaswinder Kaur says:

    Very well said:
    “ Apna Des, Apni Boli te Apna Pehrawa…
    …Punneya de chann vaangu Ammbraa’n te Chamkavaa’n..
    main jitthe vi apprrhaa’n, main jehre mulak v jaavaa’n!”
    – HBS

    and Congrats on your first interview…:)!

  4. Shivansh says:

    I personally liked your Honesty in the interview. People usually try to be what actually an’t, when they get fame and success.
    Its good you are still connected to your roots and trust me thats gonna help you alot.

  5. geet sandhu says:

    Pure Excellence !! Success comes to those who deserve it Harnav, keep deserving it in future too. Keep surging.

  6. Parampreet Kaur says:

    God bless harnav!!!
    Rabb Rakha….. 🙂

  7. jessica deol says:

    he’z our lensman….!! we all proud ov yew…!! soft speech clean heart, peaceful eyez, strengthful handz,..focussed mind and determined decision wid god’s luv….alwayz makes u winner…!! gud luck fo ur future & be blessed..!! <3**<3

  8. baba att aa ji sada eh !!!!!

    rabb ehnu hamesha chardhi kala’h ch rakhe !!!

    DQ !!!
    keep hittin

    • Gurwinder says:

      Our Only objective to showcase the real creative talent to the world…
      All the personalities we have featured so far have got extraordinary talent and the best thing is they all listened to their heart & followed their passion…!!

      Thanks for your comment!!
      We will strive to bring more such quality work!!

  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

    I really appreciate your commitment to your passion and wish that you remain crazy for Photography.. 😀

    Rbb rehmatan rkhe… Poori duniya te chamku bir singh 22g tuhada naam Photography ch!!!

    I dont know you personally though but you work, dedication and nature is allover superb and be HBS [with your thinking and dedication] forever!!!!

    Akaal Sahai!!!!! 🙂

  10. Luv ya Veeray . Maharaj Tenu chardiya kala bakshan arshan nu choo lao par sanu farsha waleya nu na bhuleo 🙂 <3 <3

  11. woah!!!

    Thank you so much guyss!!

    Its all because of your love and support!!

    I really appreciate every word that has been spoken here!

    Stay connected! Stay blessed! 🙂

  12. Love you Paaji.
    May u always be in chardikala with bana,bani,sewa and simran.

  13. Jashan Sidhu says:



  14. avi gill says:

    very good

  15. poora kaim aa ji bai sada

  16. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa..Waheguru ji ki Fateh..!!

    Witty Singh!! 😀

    Stay blessed VeerJi!! <3

    and congrats for the interview 🙂

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