Making Corporate Interiors Beautiful: Interview with Ninad Tipnis, Founder JTCPL Designs

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Making Corporate Interiors Beautiful: Interview with Ninad Tipnis, Founder JTCPL Designs

Ninad Tipnis, Founder of JTCPL Designs Interviewed on

Ninad Tipnis, Founder of JTCPL Designs Interviewed on

Ninad Tipnis Founder, JTCPL Designs on

Ninad Tipnis Founder, JTCPL Designs Interview on

In the ‘Masters X-press’ Series, this week we present to you the Entrepreneur & Founder of JTCPL Designs Mr Ninad Tipnis. Based in Mumbai, he led JTCPL Designs to amazing scales with clients like Axis Bank, Deutsche Bank, Raheja, Standard Chartered, VISA and many more big names.

Tell us something about yourself?
I am born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I am an Architect by qualification and true to Desi roots I stay with my parents . I am blessed to have my parents as my role models .

Tell us something about your company, JTCPL Designs? How did it all begin?
I started my company after a long stint with my father. My father’s practice was into Architecture and large scale projects and mainly catered to the Government and Semi Government sectors. During my tenure, we did a project which was a Corporate Interior Design program which I steered. I quickly realized working on the project that this was my calling and soon enough I started my own company .

How much is the contribution of creativity and innovation in your business? Where does the inspiration comes from?
Creativity and Innovation are the main contributors to any business and JTCPL Designs is no different. The inspiration comes from almost anything and everything. Right from a great design project we have seen to fantastic service standards to cutting edge technology embedded in a project. But if I were to single out one aspect it is the human pursuit for excellence which constantly inspires us.

Having clients like Axis Bank Limited, Deutsche Bank AG, Ericsson(India) Private Limited and others, what strategy did you adopt to approach and have business with these businesses?
There are two major drivers in our business: Time and Cost . If your representation of these aspects viz a viz the project is effective and can be driven across then success is definitely yours. Also we like to represent ourselves as ‘Workspace Design Partners’ and then back it up with a comprehensive Design and Build strategy.

For any entrepreneur it’s tough to make the first move and overcome the surrounding challenges. Did you face any challenges while starting up? How did you overcome those?
Obviously , there were challenges and they served as great teachers. But the dream to make it to the mainstream was far bigger than these challenges and that ensured sustained passion in all our endeavors. Time dedication towards self motivation also served wonderfully.

India is experiencing a booming entrepreneurship environment. What are your thoughts on this and any advice for youth taking a plunge into starting up their own ventures?
There is no substitute to hard work. Having said that, the constant belief in one’s dream when nothing seems to be working is a must for any entrepreneurial venture.

For me it is the good old “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise“ which works.

It is not how many hours you put up , it is what you do in those hours that matters.

What are the future plans of JTCPL? Any new market diversification plans?
JTCPL Designs aspires to redefine the way workspaces are Designed and Built in the country. Also the need to venture out of the country is currently very active in our hearts.Hopefully we should be on our way with this one very soon.

Some words for DesiQube and its readers.
DesiQube is a great platform to celebrate Indian entrepreneurship and one message which I could leave the readers with is “Keep on learning”. I wish DesiQube and its readers much success.

Gurwinder S Jathoul is the Founder of DesiQube Media [] A design & new media enthusiast, he provides process improvement and creative solutions to businesses. He loves to think, being close to nature, writing & Bhangra. Follow him on twitter @ gjathoul


  1. Sheetal Patil says:

    Excellent sir, u r great. All d best, ur dreams come true…..

  2. Gayatri SHENOY says:

    Encouraging thoughts for upcoming creative designers, like me

  3. Gayatri SHENOY says:

    Encouraging thoughts for upcoming creative designers, like me

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  5. sanchit chitre says:

    amazing and very inspiring interview ninad dada….!!

  6. Ar. SUBHASH TAMHANE says:

    Hi Ninad. Great interview. My best wishes

  7. Interior design not only increases the enthusiasm for work but also helps in building a very strong work culture. The work culture is not only influenced by the people at the work but is also influenced by the place where the work is carried out.

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